System to measure and generate rotary signals

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A flexible and modular unit

ccb is a flexible and modular unit for handling a wide range of tasks during the development and testing of embedded systems. The system enables high-resolution measurements of rotary signals and the highest quality generation of measured or synthesised rotary signals.


  • Realisation of high-performance FPGAs
  • Measuring and generating high resolution signals
  • Generating rotary signals (measured or synthesised)
  • Standalone operation or PC-linked
  • USB interface to control system
  • CAN interface to connect to communication network
  • Power supplied externally or via USB interface
  • Python framework for control and analysis
  • Python framework for connecting to a test system

technical data

  • Power supply: 12V / tolerant for 24V
  • PC interface: 1 x USB
  • Alternative supply via USB: Yes
  • CAN interfaces: 2
  • Digital outputs: 4
  • Digital inputs: 4
  • Trigger inputs: 2
  • Analog inputs: 4
  • User interface: 2 keys/3 LEDs